Many online casinos like to reward their loyal customers with a varied assortment of perks and incentives. High-roller/regular players are obviously of huge value to operators so it’s only fitting that they get rewarded for their efforts.

VIP packages vary in composition and structure. Some are by invite only while others base their schemes on point accumulation. Regardless, the decision to offer VIP membership is not taken lightly, with casinos making full use of analytical packages to inform their choices. Here’s a run-down of the most common types of VIP packages.

Point-Based VIP Packages

These VIP schemes rely on point accumulation models in which players are awarded points according to how much they wager on games. In most cases, these packages are organized into multiple tiers with players ascending different levels as they earn more points. Each level includes its own perks with more valuable rewards usually reserved for higher tiers. Points tend to be weighted according to game type with slots generally offering more points than other games.

VIP Invite-Only Packages

As mentioned, most online UK casinos use analytical packages to discover the most regular, highest depositing players. This information is then gathered and emails sent out to those customers who spend the most money.

Instant VIP Packages

Some operators offer instant VIP status to new players. While this may seem rather enticing at first glance, the actual incentives are often sub-par. Many of the best virutal casinos are more discerning about the players they target with VIP enticements because the cost of offering high-end, luxury rewards isn’t cheap. This isn’t to say that rank-and-file customers aren’t valued of course! But it’s worth exercising caution with instant VIP offers.

VIP Reward Schemes

Then there are casinos which offer players the chance to exchange points for various VIP-rated bonuses. These often include extra spins, cash-back and free-play on selected games. This kind of offering is becoming increasingly popular in the industry. Some operators take things even further by rewarding their customers with on-site actions such as adding card details, depositing cash, withdrawing cash and playing pre-selected games.

VIP Packages to Avoid

Many low-budget operators claim to offer VIP perks without actually providing precise details of what they actually entail. Promises of surprise VIP gifts should therefore be taken with a grain (or granary) of salt. Our view is that if you’re going to operate a VIP scheme, at least have the courtesy to let your customers know what incentives are available to them.

Best VIP Packages/Points-Based Systems


Casumo operates an adventure-based system that’s similar to a VIP rewards scheme. Players collect points for various on-site actions such as logging in, depositing funds and wagering on games. These points help players to access new levels known as planets which contain gifts like bonus spins and cash.

Extra bonuses can also be unlocked by trophies which are awarded for performing a variety of tasks on the Casumo website. Progress is measured by a belt which changes colour according to a player’s progress. Each level features bespoke prizes which improve incrementally as new belts are attained.

Available Incentives

• Bonus Spins
• Bonus Cash
• Improved Promotions

888 Casino

888 Casino’s invite-only VIP Casino Club belongs in the high-end bracket and is organised into three levels: Standard VIP, VIP Gold and VIP Platinum. Applying to all three brands operating under the 888 Casino banner, which includes 777 and 888 Games, selected players are eligible for a wide variety of incentives including deposit bonuses, free-play offers, daily promotions and seasonal gifts.

As well as the welcome package, players earn competition points by game wagering which can be exchanged for gifts at 888’s ‘superstore’. Unlike many other online casinos shops, 888’s store is stocked with consumer items which include gadgets, hardware, luxury items such as jewellery and clothing.

Available Incentives

  • VIP Welcome
  • Increased Deposit Limits
  • VIP promotions
  • Weekly Appreciation Reward
  • Invitations to VIP Hospitality Events
  • Additional VIP bonus offers
  • Personal Account Manager
  • VIP High Stake tables
  • Higher Comp Point Conversion Rate
  • Exclusive VIP Support Team
  • Birthday Gift

Genesis Casino

Genesis Casino’s VIP package is open to anybody who signs up as a new customer. We hasten to add that unlike certain VIP packages, it actually features some worthwhile incentives. Some of these are as follows:

Available Incentives

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • Exclusive VIP Events
  • Monthly
  • Monthly VIP Prize Draw

Grand Ivy Casino

Grand Ivy provides a four-tiered VIP package to loyal customers: Gold, Platinum, Centurion and Standard. Although invite-only, players who’ve achieved VIP status elsewhere are also considered for Grand Ivy membership as part of a VIP Fast Track service.

Available Incentives

  • Personal VIP Account Manager
  • Personal VIP email address
  • Same Day Withdrawals
  • Exclusive Cash Back Offers
  • No Withdrawal limits
  • Birthday Cash Bonuses
  • Seasonal Loyalty Gifts
  • Private VIP Tournaments
  • Tailor made offers
  • Invites to VIP Holidays/Events