It’s no coincidence that the biggest online slot pay-outs have come by way of progressive games. These types of slots feature ever-increasing jackpots drawn from a huge pool of players throughout the world, with each deposit contributing to the overall prize. So you can probably imagine the kind of money we’re talking here. Nevertheless, to give you an idea we present to you the giddiest rogue’s gallery of winners you’ve ever laid eyes on.

John Heywood – Mega Moolah – £13,212,882

In 2015, soldier John Heywood landed a jackpot of over £13 million on Microgaming slot, Mega Moolah. What made his win all the more astonishing was that he staked money in 25p increments. Mr Heywood wasn’t exactly a gambling expert either, having been drawn to the game via an ad while browsing idly at home one night. His £13.212.882 miracle remains the largest ever won on a virtual slot machine.

Marcus Goodwin – Mega Moolah – $11,633,898

The aptly-named Marcus Goodwin also bagged a substantial prize by way of a progressive slot. Playing on Yako Casino, he walked away with a cool $11,633,898 prize – the second highest jackpot payout in history. His life-changing reward also came through the Mega Moolah game. When informed of his absurdly unlikely win, he confessed to cheating. Alright, we made that bit up. He actually informed Yako Casino that he planned to buy a big house and take his family on a first class trip to Africa. Show off.

Rawiri Pou – Mega Moolah – $10,143,123

New Zealand Mouri, Rawiri Pou was another big winner. But unlike John Heywood, Pou wasn’t too shy about spending a sizeable sum to get his jackpot. Pou staked $250 on Mega Moolah through the Casinoland website. After landing $1500 he put it straight back in for the jackpot round. Touchingly, the Department of Internal Affairs (New Zealand branch) launched an investigation. This was after a lobby group claimed that overseas gambling wasn’t permitted in the Land of the Long White Cloud. However, as far as we know, Mr Pou was allowed to keep his money in spite of the entirely justified and in no way spiteful or feeble-minded intervention.

Alexander – Mega Fortune – €8,577,104

This cheeky non-conformist contrived to win millions on Mega Fortune instead of Mega Moolah. As a dogged player of said game, Alexander the Swede finally hit the jackpot one night after a spot of nocturnal gambling. He managed to trouser €8,577,104 on Netent’s flagship game, which should keep him in meatballs for the foreseeable future.

Georgios M – Mega Moolah – €6.3 million

Speaking of other European disaster zones, Greece can also boast a big-time progressive slot winner. In 2009, Mr Georgios M managed to get his hands on a cool €6.3 million following a visit to Riverbelle Casino. After winning bits and pieces for about a year he finally struck it lucky with a £5 stake. His substantial fortune also came from the cash dispenser, Mega Moolah which is responsible for the biggest pay-outs of any casino slot game. That’s why they call it the Millionaire Maker, see?

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