Desktop computers are hard to beat when it comes to raw processing power and graphical prowess. A comparison between the latest console and top-end GPU reveals quite a gulf in terms of performance.

But the primacy of PCs in the world of gaming does not extend to online casino gambling anymore. In fact, it’s been that way for some time. Smartphones are now the dominant platforms, offering the kind of experience that’s more attuned to the sensibilities of a younger generation of gamers.

Vorsprung Durch Technik

Just over 10 years ago we were all simpering at the first iPhone which, despite its beauty, wasn’t actually blessed with the most powerful processors. However, constant iterations and advancements have left us with far more powerful devices.

The iPhone X features 3GB of RAM and at least 64GB of storage in comparison to the very first model, which shipped with 123MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. Factor in the latest mobile processors, which are capable of billions of operations a second, and you’ve got yourself a platform that’s quite capable of handling the demands of top online casinos.

The Internet of Things

The emergence of smartphone technology and the improved internet access they provided became all too evident to online casino operators in the early 2010s. Looking over site statistics, it became blatantly apparent to them that more and more of their website visitors were arriving through mobile phones.

Funnily enough, it didn’t take long for adjustments to be made. Within a few short years, developers throughout the industry had been tasked with turning casino websites into responsive, shape-shifting platforms to fit any device.

The stampede to offer games to a burgeoning army of smartphone users was such that certain operators often neglected their desktop platforms. Nevertheless, progress was relentless and many online casinos started to develop their own dedicated apps too. Today, mobile gaming dominates the market with players outnumbering desktop users with every single big-name casino features robust, responsive online platforms.

Gambling as a Convenience

So who is the mobile casino gamer? Without delving too much into demographics, this new breed of punter likes to ‘gamble on the go’. This means while commuting to and from work, during meetings, in the bath, in the shower, during meals, while sleeping…

It seems that gambling is now considered a care-free activity that’s enjoyed the most by young people with active lives. This novelty of convenience and ease of use remains very strong among smartphone automatons. But are they getting the most our of their online casino experience? Despite the seismic shift in gaming habits, mobile casino play does have its limitations.

The Downsides

To begin with, mobile devices have limited space which means that casino apps and mobile sites are usually watered-down versions of their desktop counterparts.

Then there’s the problem with internet connections. We don’t enjoy blanket Wi-Fi coverage in the UK as of yet so things like traveling on the underground or moving through a tunnel are going to mean broken connections – not ideal for players with a desperate desire to play live roulette while in transit.

Gameplay also drains smartphone batteries fairly quickly, especially when connecting with 4G. Consequently, the breathless euphoria of ‘gaming on the go’ is often rather short-lived. Whats more, because of the small screen sizes, the immersive qualities of many casino games is lost.

Our gripes about mobile gaming will no doubt fall on deaf ears – after all it’s hard to penetrate the senses of millennial phone zombies. However, those with at least some of their cognitive faculties remaining might want to pause and take stock.

Gambling can be great fun. But should it be this easy and convenient? Ultimately, it’s an activity that requires a strong degree of caution, irrespective of whether one’s ‘on the go’ or otherwise. Learn more about the mobile gaming packages offered by major providers through our reviews of Casumo, Genting Casino, Grand Ivy, bCasino, Casimba and Dream Vegas.